Of all the electrical power consumed worldwide approximately 20% is accounted for in artificial lighting. OGL is committed to supplying technically innovative, effective, intelligent controlled luminaires that consider their impact on the environment.

Modern life demands good lighting but it must embrace and understand increasing population, energy efficiency, availability and use of resources. In short we must design and manufacture with sustainability always in mind. OGL accepts this responsibility and are committed to offer best in class products.

OGL understand that sustainability is essential for its long term future, social and cultural growth. We believe that we can help reduce energy consumption by good design, engineering, material choice and processes – that is our goal.

Electrical lighting has a major impact on sustainability. OGL understands this and with the development of each product carefully considers the use of materials that minimizes the impact to the environment. This means that we must design with the entire life cycle in mind which includes ecofriendly materials, longevity and what we do with the product at the end
the end of its life cycle that minimizes the impact to the environment.

OGL products are designed to meet safety and performance standards, conforming to all relevant regulations covering environment, energy efficiency, restriction or elimination of hazardous materials, and waste control.

Our design goals to take into account using fewer substances, lightweighting, elimination of screws, snap fit connections, minimizing energy used in production and non-toxic substances. Importantly our designs allow for the refurbishment of our product when it is no longer able to fulfil its function, (up to 4 times with our downlights).

OGL believes in doing everything it can to minimize the impact to the environment with its products and believe that with good management and design principles, the use of new technologies, sustainable material, increased energy efficiency and renewable energy generation we can provide a world of lighting that is compatible with future lighting and environmental demands.